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    Here is my Soul Searching program for you: 


    1) Time for healing.

    To move forward with our life to become the best version of you, you need to heal any emotional-, and mental debris you may be carrying in your heart and soul.


    2) Change your mindset

    Time to change those unhelpful beliefs, thoughts and inner gremlins


    3) Taking stock of now

    How is your life currently doing? What needs to be sorted out first so that you can move on to finding your true purpose?


    4) External obstacles

    Have you ever been made redundant, have gone through a relationship break up or divorce, had financial trouble etc...


    5) Boost your confidence

    In this session we will be finding out the triggers of your low confidence.


    6) Finding out what you really want

    We will brainstorm together what you want to achieve in your life.


    7) Hobbies, gifts/talents, passions and skills


    8) Creativity boosts your imagination

    In this session we we will be looking at all the options of becoming more creative. Creativity stimulates your brain which in turn will help you to come up with options to find your life purpose.


    9) Your personality check

    You have more than one personality trait inside you that you can utilize to find your life purpose.


    10) Soul lesson

    Spirituality is an integral part of finding your life purpose. By connecting with your mind, body and soul you will know what you are here for

    How do you integrate spirituality into your life?


    11) Setting goals and taking action

    In this session we are going to set goals for the months ahead.


    12) Wrap up session

    In this session, we are bringing everything together what you have discovered about yourself, your passions and your future.


    This course can be booked as an investment for £ 1600.00

    You can pay in 2 instalments of £ 800.00

    1st instalment before coaching begins.

    2nd instalment before 5th session continues.


    Payable by bank transfer if you live in the UK.

    Paypal payments for the rest of the world.

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