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New Book

"Author Monika Kloeckner deep-dives into personal growth, professional confidence, spiritual enlightenment, and goal-oriented thinking in The Rebellious Singleton, outlining in part how women are often held to unfair standards and expectations in the modern world, but their mental flexibility and emotional resilience are also invaluable resources. Kloeckner's enlightening tone has some elements of a traditional self-help book, but is also a spiritual guide and a self-worth-boosting read for anyone, regardless of gender, who is trying to forge their path as an unattached person in a world that prizes marriage. While some of the ideas recur repetitively, this is a relatable and powerful read that is surprisingly broad in scope."

Self-Publishing Review, ★★★★

New Book

Do you feel like being rebellious and want to live your life on your terms?
Have you ever wondered what the reason for being in this life is?
Have you ever wondered how you can overcome your internal and external obstacles to live a better life?
If you have answered these questions with yes, the book "The rebellious Singleton" will be helping you with the following:
• Overcome your limiting beliefs system
• Deal with internal and external obstacles and find solutions,
• Digging deep into your childhood memories to find your passion,
• Setting goals and work through exercises to gain clarity about the life you want to lead,
• Grow spiritually and connect with the angels
This book will give you an insight into the author's obstacles and how she has overcome them to find her life purpose. On her quest to find meaning in her life she began to grow spiritually and connects with the angels daily.
Inside this book, you will find tons of ideas and inspirations to begin to leave your current comfort zone by changing your life step by step, dealing with obstacles as they emerge in your life and move on with confidence.

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