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  • Put a smile on my face

    When I received Monika's book I was looking for a breath of fresh air, and it did not disappoint. It put a smile on my face from the first page. I smiled happily whilst going through the pages, one by one, and could not put the book down. Reading Monika's book felt like a discovery journey and it inspired me.

    Have also got to know Monika online for a 1-2-1 discussion and it was an instant connection and trust. Wish Monika all the best in her newly found life purpose of inspiring women and people in achieving their dreams.

    Suha N., UK, March 2021

    Totally inspirational

    Rezension aus Deutschland vom 6. November 2020

    Absolutely loved the book! Thank you so much , dear Monika, for the very inspirational book, which made me believe that everything in life is possible ;=) I received super useful tipps and directions from you book. I find myself being very similar to Bridget Jones and I always just plan and never do , this is so frustrating. You gave me so many tipps how to achieve my dreams. I am not there yet but hey, as you say, never give and do not let the obstacles stop you

    Easy to read

    Rezension aus dem Vereinigten Königreich vom 29. Oktober 2020

    Verifizierter Kauf

    Lovely book written in easy and inspiring way. Learned a thing or two and enjoyed reading it. Well done Monika look forward to the next read.



    Discover what you are here for. Easy to read

    Revisado en España el 4 de junio de 2020

    Reading the book has open my eyes and I'm ready for making a big change in my life... I bought one for a friend , I feel that she needs Monika's words and suggestions.
    Thanks so much for this enlighten present !


    Very useful self-help book with a spiritual touch

    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 9 June 2020

    I just love this book! I‘ve found it in the middle of the Corona crisis and some related money issues, and it helped me a lot. It‘s packed with good, down-to-earth advice regarding standing up for yourself, finding clarity about your life purpose and your own voice but also with beautiful inspirations for a rich and creative life. I especially liked the parts „for the angel lover“. Great book! Thank you, Monika Kloeckler.

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