Life Purpose

Life Purpose

The Angelic Realm is present with each coaching session. I connect with the angels before each session to find out what areas of life would ideally need to be worked on.

However, the client decides what most important needs to be resolved in her life.

These coaching sessions will help you to find out what the angels have to say about your life and how it can best be changed to a more meaningful one.

During the sessions, you learn spiritual practices, connect with the angels and let go of any blocks that are holding you back in life.

The benefits are:

  • grow spiritually,
  • learn to be more calm and collected,
  • learn to follow angelic guidance which will give you the comfort of not being alone in making life changing decisions,
  • learning and applying angelic practices in your daily life.

a one hour taster session to find out whether angelic coaching is the ideal option for you is an investment of £ 44.00.

Four x 45 minutes phone/Skype sessions are an investment of £ 225.00

Eight x 45 minutes phone/Skype sessions are an investment of £ 475.00
(includes email support and one additional phone/skype session).

Each of those coaching options include goal setting, action plans, learning to overcome obstacles, as well as letting go of fears and worries.

Terms and Conditions:
All sessions need to be paid in full before the first session commences.