• Kickstart Program - 8 weeks to a new life

    This program will give you a real kickstart into re-creating your life after your relationship break up.

    This program includes weekly 45 minutes Skype or Zoom calls, support via Voxer in between sessions and worksheets/ action plans to work on.

    The investment for this truly life changing coaching program is £ 1600.00

    The program in full:

    1) Changing your mindset. It is important that you get into a positive mindset so that you are better prepared for the work ahead.


    2) Taking stock of Now. Discussing why the relationship didn't work out, what the hidden triggers were and what your current situation is. Goals setting: 6 months, 1 years, 3 years. Writing your mission statement.


    3) Obstacles. the things that are holding you back to re-create your life.


    4) Stress management. Getting into the habit of leaving the daily stress, but also mind stress behind. Toleration and energy zappers.


    5) Simplify your life. Organizing your work life and private life better. Prioritizing and time management. De-clutter your life.


    6) How to be more authentic. Beliefs, values, learning to say no, confidence, strengths and weaknesses


    6) Personality test. Hobbies, talents. skills and gifts. Finding your life purpose.


    7) Self-care and spirituality. Looking after yourself and connecting is important for your mind, body and soul health.


    8) Bringing the magic together. Re-visiting your mission statement. Taking the big leap and take action in a big way. Feel the fear and do it anyway.







  • Pay £ 1600.00 with PayPal. If you prefer to pay with another form of payment, just let me know.


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