• Death/Bereavement


    For family and friends mourn the loss of a loved one.

    Bereavement is a large part of the benefit of Angelic Reiki. Kevin Core, who has died from throat cancer in 2009, and is the founder of Angelic Reiki was able to extend his life past his doctors' expectancy. He continued to heal his body through Angelic Reiki, so that the pain was more bearable.


    The benefits in taking up Angelic Reiki sessions is that the angelic realm will be able to heal deep emotional wounds, the "emptiness" that is left in your life after your loved one has gone.


    For Hospices, GP's and Funeral directors

    A very special purpose for the use of Angelic Reiki is to help hospice residents to experience the healing energy of the angelic realm.

    The healing energy gives the resident comfort and brings calm and happiness.

    For those, who are in the early stages of passing over Angelic Reiki brings peace, takes away the fear of dying and offers pain relief and support through the whole process.


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