This is the workshop for you if you:

  • want to learn to connect with the angels.
  • want to learn how to find your life purpose.
  • want to grow spiritually.
  • are curious about how angels can help you to find what your are here for.
  • are open minded towards the existence of the angelic kingdom of light.
  • are eager to change your life.
  • want to learn the techniques to connect with the angels to increase your intuition and find your life purpose

In this workshop you will discover

  • how to call upon the angels to help you to become more positive in your life.
  • how to increase your intuition with the guidance of Archangel Haniel.
  • how to cut down issues into smaller sizes so that you worry less and deal with less fear. Archangel Michael will be present to help you.
  • how to write your mission statement.
  • how to find your life purpose and taking steps to making vital changes to your life. Archangel Chamuel is the angel to call upon. This angel will be guiding you to find your life purpose.
  • how to let go of self-doubt and fear to change your life gently and smoothly.
  • how to rewrite your life story.
  • set goals for the months ahead.

Duration: 1 day
Venue: TBA
Investment: £ 333.00 includes handouts
EARLY BIRDS pay only £ 300.00

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