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Your soul knows your true calling

Everyone seems to be on a journey to find their lives' purpose. I often hear people say:" I wish that I know am here for. "

From the early age of nine, I knew that one day I would write books. I always have been fascinated by authors who would fill page after page with words of wisdom. I wanted to step into their footsteps.

My dream was only short lived. My parents did not like the idea of me working as a freelance writer. They told me I would be better off working in an office as a secretary. They wanted me to be save in terms of having regular wages and job security. I compete understood their concerns.

But my soul had a different plan for me in store.

I would spent years working in a variety of jobs, mainly customer services oriented. But none of these jobs proved to be satisfying because none of them had meaning. Calling customers and receiving calls from them, sorting out their problems, being shouted at because they are frustrated has nothing to do with my life's calling.

My life's calling would add value to my life and the life of others, including animals and our environment.

I was on a journey to find what I am here for . In 2007, while training to be a life coach I also went through coaching. In my first coaching session I was asked what I would love to do with my life. The answer was not even surprising. I told the life coach for more than twenty minutes how great if would be to write a book. My eyes lit up and I felt some kind of sensation flowing through my body. At the end of the coaching session my coach asked me when I would write the book. She reminded me that this is my ultimate passion and I should follow it.

Having said that it took me another seven years to publish my first book. I am now finally on my way to live my authentic life and it feels fantastic! I wake up in the morning, knowing that I will be working in my coaching business, writing and helping women to find their life purpose.

To recap, our soul knows our life's purpose. My soul guided me towards it all my life. I had to overcome obstacles, fear, limiting beliefs and heartbreak. I often felt that I am stuck in a way of life I do not belong to. But I have finally arrived at my destination.

My tip to you is to listen deep inside you and your soul will reveal your life's purpose. It feels amazing when this happens. And when you notice that you knew all your life what your are here for, what mission you are on, it is a confirmation of what your soul has already known when you entered this life time.

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