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Year review with Archangel Jeremiel

· Angel communication

The year 2020 is nearing fast. You may have one or two New Years' resolutions.

Before making new plans it is appropriate to take a look at the year in review.

I noticed that I have achieved a few goals. One of the goals I have accomplished were rather unexpected.

1. I have sold me property and moved to a nicer area.
2. I have become an Angelic Reiki Practitioner/Master Teacher.
3. I have completed and handed in my new book.
4. I have made new friends in the town I have moved to and I am happy.

Consider taking some time over the festive days to reflect on what went really well this year.

Take a review of all areas of your life with the wheel of life. click her to download the [wheel of life=!1025987!] document.

Have you achieved everything you wanted to? Did you have any goals for this year?

If you want to make improvements to your life, call upon Archangel Jeremiel. His name means, "Mercy of God".
He delivers mercy to you and everyone involved. He can help you with a complete life review or a year review. You will see dark purple sparkles of light when Archangel Jeremiel is with you. Wear an amethyst as a jewellery to be near this wonderful angel.

Create an angel altar with a dark purple candle and invoke Archangel Jeremiel. When you feel his presence, ask him what part of your life needs to be improved or balanced? When working with Archangel Jeremiel I suggest that you write down the messages you receive. You will be able to hear those messages more clearly when you connect with the angels daily. When writing down the messages you will notice that there are life patterns that do not serve you anymore. Life patterns such as recurring abuse relationships. money issues, or missing social skills are part of life patterns that need to be improved or simply balanced out. Archangel Jeremiel will be able to advise you which life pattern would improve your current life situation.

Ask Archangel Jeremiel questions such as:

> "What areas of my life need improvement?",
>"What is the next step to take?",
>"What do I need to let go of?",
>"What do I need to do more of?"

Sit still in front of your angel altar and wait to hear the answers. Write down the answers you are given and act upon them.

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