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What My Hobby Taught Me

A hobby can teach you much more than a new skill. In this article I will be exploring the myriad of options you have when you have a passionate hobby.

One of my biggest hobbies I have been passionate about is travelling. Travelling for some means that they fly to a beach destination with busy bars and nightclubs. They get drunk all day and night. Then they become sick for the rest of their holiday. For me it always has been exploring a new culture, traditions and how people live and think about their country. I am always eager to find out how they spend their working day and family live. I am curious about history and learning new languages.

My passion for travelling helped me to find the job I have been dreaming of for a long time. I always wanted to work for Delta Air Lines. My dream was to work as a flight attendant, but I neither hold the Green Card nor I am an American citizen I settled for a vacancy in reservations at first. I then worked in the German sales group department. From there I was offered to work at London Gatwick. This was for me the real thing. I saw our Delta Air Lines aircrafts daily. I met the flights and with more experience I became a Ground security coordinator. I loved my job where I met thousands of people from around the globe.

My dream job taught me that I would learned to fine tune my people skills. I had to be attentive and chatty while dealing with ticketing, looking for missing bags and trying to resolve complaints. It was a skill I had to learn. Once I learned it I was confident and proud that I was able to juggle my job with being a representative at the same time.

I learned that I had more stamina, endurance and perseverance that I had always imagined. It takes all of this to work at the airport, especially when there is a flight delay or cancellation. I always had to have a smile on my face and be polite. It sometimes can take a bit of effort but with practice it can be learned.

My dream job with Delta Air Lines taught me to combine my passion to travel with growing my interpersonal skills.

Try those exercises to find your life long passion:

1) When I was a child, I wanted to do this when I grew up:

2) In the past (and as a child), I enjoyed: (everything you can think of from food to activities, places you have been to and traditions you have had- list what you liked and WHY you liked it)

3) For a month, try out different activities - take photos, write a poem, join a writing group. Note which activity you want to do more of.

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