What is your ultimate passion?

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Finding out what your purpose is in this life can be a huge and scary task. Oftentimes, you give up finding your ultimate passion before you begin to search for it. What is the reason? Well, the  reason is simple. 

Throughout your life, you may have had many hobbies. I remember my passion for writing began at the early age of seven. I wanted to be a journalist, an author or simply write for a living. 

My passion changed to something that I could have combined with writing. I fell in love with the idea to work in the travel industry. I always have been good in learning languages. So, traveling, utilizing my language skills and write about my travel experiences could have been one of my main passions. I just imagine how fantastic my life would have been! 

Instead, I opted to work in an office, then in retail before I landed one of my dream jobs with an airline. I slowly reached my ultimate passion of traveling, speaking my languages and write. It all moved into a slightly different direction. But I have finally reached my dream life. I now work from home, help women to enrich their lives and write about it. 

My life couldn't be better. I knew from an early age what my soul's mission was. It took me many years to achieve. But here I am. I have been working from home for the past two years, have elimated most of the stress and work in my own business. 

My other passion is animals. I love the company of animals. There are may options available to work with animals: zookeeper, veterinary surgeon, veterinary assistant, petsitter, pet groomer etc...

Here are my top tips to find your life purpose:

1. Write down all your hobbies, talents and gifts. 

2. Make a list of all your successes. What success did you enjoyed having the most? How did it make you feel? 

3. What is it you always wanted to learn but have never time to do? 

4. What are your core values? Your values often lead you to find your life purpose.

5. Think about what gets you MOST excited to get up in the morning? What activity is the one that motivates you the most? 

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