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What is your Life Purpose?

Have you ever wondered what the meaning of being in this life means?

Have you ever thought that there must be more to your life than following the same life pattern every day?

Have you ever dreamt of living an exciting kind of life? Your dream life?

In this article I will teach you some valuable ideas how to find your life purpose.

1. Very often our childhood hobbies give us a clue as to what we could be doing later in life. When we were children we used to be passionate about reading children's books or showed our artistic side from an early age. When we grow older we learn to focus on school and studies. We often listen to our parents as to what is best for us. I remember that my parents wanted me to be a secretary. To their opinion this kind of work would earn me good money. But life and living our life purpose is not about money, or having a higher living standard than others.

Our life purpose makes us feel alive and happy. And with that in mind, you would earn a living and live a life in abundance.

2. To be able to live your life purpose you might need to look at the energy zappers in your life. Who are the people who hog you when they need you? What do you need to let go of in your life in order to be free to discover what makes your heart really sing. Do you need to de-clutter your home in order to let in fresh energy? Make a list of all the energy zappers in your life. Think about relationships, work, finances. Even the environment you live in could not be beneficial for you.

3. If you are looking at the deeper meaning of living your life purpose I would like you to connect to your soul. Close your eyes, meditate a few minutes to let go of any negative thoughts and then connect to your soul. Ask the Universe to help you to connect to your soul. Ask your soul what you are here for. What is the meaning of being in this life? You will receive an answer. If you don't hear straight away what the purpose is, be patient and wait. The answer will come.

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