What has your addiction to do with your life purpose?

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Have you ever wondered what your food addiction, the urge to buy new shoes again... although you may have already 100 pairs in your cupboard? Whatever addiction you may be dealing with, deep down you know you are longing for something. 

Whenever you have purchased that take away you really don't want to eat, you feel great and "loved" for a few minutes. You feel satisfied and happy. You are feeling the love, the comfort and happiness you so crave. 

Although you are eating fatty, calorific food that has no nutritious value, you feel connected and satisfied  in some way. 

Does that resonate with you? 

Whatever addiction you are secretly dealing with (food-, alcohol-,  sex addiction) you are feeling empty and disconnect inside. The reason may be that you are looking for your life purpose. 

When I started my business over 10 years ago, I helped women and men healing their food addiction. Together, we worked through beliefs and feelings. My clients started to heal to some extent, but they all had one BIG question for me: What is my life purpose? 

One client told me that he can earn all the money he needs with no problem. He lived in a big house, drove a big car, had no debts and traveled at least twice a year. But there was that one question: What I am here for? 

If you are struggling to overcome your addiction, this may be reason why you haven't succeeded yet. 

You can begin to work on yourself by journaling your thoughts about your addiction daily. Take some time at the end of each day and jot down what you have experienced throughout your day. How have those events affected your addiction?

Join a recovery group on meetup or your local community. When you have the chance to talk through your issues they become small and are a lot easier to handle. 

Take some time to find out what you always wanted to do with your life. Think BIG and BOLD. Once you have made up your mind about the dreams you have, you can begin to get stuck in with planning and organizing your life. Getting busy will keep your mind off your addiction. 

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