If I asked you what drives you to discover your heart's desire your answer may be one of the following:

I have no job satisfaction. I am always stressed

I want to live my life on my terms.

I want to live a meaningful life and spend more time with family and friends.

If those statements sound true go you please read on. The tides of life determine the level of our motivation.

Motivation begins with creating a sense of urgency that is so intense that we are compelled to follow through. Let me give you one example from my own life. Last August, my desire to live my life purpose became very urgent. My work as a claims handler had lost all its meaning. I felt the urge to move into coaching full time. I set myself a deadline by when I would leave my job in full time employment. Six months later I made the courageous move and now work as a life purpose coach. You may think that your time has not come yet to live your life purpose. There is never a right time because challenges always arise. Your children become sick. An unexpected bill arrives or a leak in underneath the kitchen sink occurs. I learned to deal with the situations that may block my motivation.


The secret of staying motivated is to focus on the outcome, no matter what life throws at you.

Creating a vision board helps you to get excited, motivated and focused. In order to create your vision board you would need a large piece of paper or simply a magnet board where you post pictures and quotes about the life you want to lead. Place it in a visible place so that you can see it daily. This helps as a reminder to stay motivated and focused.

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