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Tips to invoke and meditate with the angels

· Angel communication

Today I am going to show you how to invoke and meditate with the angels.

1. Take a seat in a quiet place and keep your feet firmly on the ground. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.

2. When you are calm, take your awareness to your heart and focus your thoughts on calling the angels.

3. You can decide to invoke one particular angel you want to work with or calling the angels in general. Think about an intention for the day or week, and ask for the angels to send you the right signs how to proceed.

4. Then you say the following: "I am now calling upon the highest and most loving angels to assist me in my daily life. I am asking you to send me signs of validation for my goals. Please assist me in staying calm so that I can hear your messages loud and clearly. Thank you."

5. Wait a few minutes. Maybe the angels have a clear message for you right away. Write down what you are given without thinking about it and without analyzing it.

Meditate on your questions for the angelic realm. Meditating gives you the opportunity to quieten your mind and open a pathway to the angels. The quieter your mind becomes, the louder and clearer your you will be able to hear the angel answers.

Meditation with the angels is a wonderful way to raise your vibration to a higher state of consciousness, allowing yourself to ask for help from the higher realms.
You can play angelic meditation music while connecting with the angels. You can sit in nature and ask the angels for help and guidance. Alternatively, you can sit in front of your angel altar and talk to the angels about your concerns, plans and goals. Then, let go of the desired outcome...the angels have their own timeline how to help you.

Trust the process and be patient.

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