The signs that angels are with you

The signs that angels are with you

Now that you have embarked on a discovery journey to learn to communicate with the angels, I would like to draw your intention to various angel signs. Whenever you see an angel sign think about the situation you are dealing currently dealing with.

Ask yourself: Does this angel sign point at the situation? What is its meaning? What do the angels try to tell me?

As soon as you have a chance to connect with the angels ask them what the angel sign meant.

Angel signs

Most pre-dominant angel signs are numbers. While I was on my path to look for my life purpose, angel numbers seem to appear everywhere. They most appeared on number plates. Whenever I was driving somewhere, cars would drive past me with the number 333. Sometimes 4 to 5 cars would drive past me within half an hour. the number 333 signifies that the Ascended Masters are with you and want to communicate with you. In my case it is Jesus who guides me through my life.

Have you ever looked at the time at your watch or laptop at 11:11? Does this number ring a bell? To many people it does. They have noticed that they have started looking at the time at exactly 11:11. The answer is that the angels have a message for you. Stop for a while and ask them what the message is. You will be surprised what you hear.

The angel number 444 is another important one. This angel number means that the angels are with you, guide and protect you. They are offering their support in all areas of your life. Be open to the angels' light and help to feel more secure and in flow with your life. This is my favourite number. Whenever I see this number I feel safe and I know everything will be alright.

The angel number 666 is calling to regain balance in our life. It wants us to focus on our personal spirituality in order to balance and heal any issues in our life.

Another, very interesting, number is 2345 means that your angels came into your life to help you solve problems that you have and give you strength to move forward.

Where do you find those angel numbers?

I have already mentioned vehicle number plates.

But you also find them on

  • digital clocks and laptops/computers,
  • receipts, devices that count distances, such as pedometers or mileage indicators on vehicles,
  • hotel rooms,
  • bus route numbers,
  • date stamp on a letter,
  • and many more places...

The secret is that you need to walk with open eyes and become perceptive to these signs.

Angel feathers

Have you heard the saying: Feathers appear when angels are near

Feathers come in all colours, shapes and sizes. The most common ones are white and grey. When you find a feather in an unusual place or it lays suddenly in front of you, you know that the angels are with you. They are trying to get your attention and let you know that they are with you.

white feather meaning: Your angel is here!

grey feather meaning: Life has been hectic. Peace is coming soon!

Black feather meaning: The angels are protecting your energy during your spiritual awakening.

Black and white feather meaning: Change is coming.