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The Secret of your Food Addiction

Have you ever thought that your addiction to certain foods does not have anything to do with this life time? We have sufficient food in shops nowadays. We do not have to worry that the meals we eat might suddenly stop being available. Our supermarkets are open 24/7 and we always have access to food at all times.

So, what could be the real issue?

I am a strong believer in past lives. I very much believe that all the people you meet in this life time have been part of another life time. You either got on well or you have issues to resolve.

However, if you have lived through a famine and food was scarce, you are likely have become an overeater in this life time.

You may have weight or eating-disorder issues because your subconscious mind associates eating with fear instead of hunger. You mind harbours not known insecurities about whether there will be sufficient food in the future. For this reason you might load your plate with lots of food. You force yourself eating all the food on the plate "just in case" there won't be any available tomorrow.

If you understand that your overeating issues originate from fear of not having any food and drink in past lives, you can deal with this issue more effectively.

The goal is to recognize the issue, work through the beliefs and fears behind the issue. As soon as the fear has been released you will begin to eat normal sized meals and begin to feel healthy and happy.

Theta healing can help you to release these issues and turn around your life in a magical and positive way.

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