The forgotten art of letter writing

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I remember my teenage years very well. I always have been a writing enthusiast and having more than ten penfriends worldwide was a special hobby of mine. 

What did I enjoy so much about it? 

It all began by choosing writing paper I wholeheartedly love writing on. To me it was important to write a letter on well-designed paper that would have matching envelopes. It is simply nicer to send off and receive a letter in a visually appealing envelope. Don't you think the same?

Having had writing paper or a writing pad that made me smile would put a smile on the other person too. 

For me, letter writing was more that a past time activity. Writing down my thoughts on paper came easy to me. I was able to express my words best in writing. I guess that is what my penfriends enjoyed the most about being my penfriend. I used to write lively and entertaining letters whereby my reader was able to identify herself with my reality. 

It helped to switch off from daily life. Whenever I would write a letter, I forgot the world around me and immersed myself into pure writing. Most of the times, I prefered to retreat and write instead of watching TV. 

Writing letters helped me to contemplate about my life at the time of actual writing the letter. Memories came to light and dreams I always had re-emerged. 

Over the years, I probably received more that 2000 letters which all ended up being filed away in folder with see through sleeves. Keeping letters can become a collection of personal history between you and the receiver of your letters. 

When I sent my letters out, I sometimes added a little token, such as a bookmark or postcard inside the letter. It added extra value to the letter. And the receiver of my letter loved feeling special. 

Unfortunately, letter writing and sending it by snail mail has been forgotten. We simply send a text message or post a facebook birthday wish instead of sending a birthday card by post. Instead of sending a letter by post, we call, text or Skype our friends and family. Do you think that this is always the right way to communicate? 

I still believe that sending snail mail has a much higher value than making that call or sending that text message. Just imagine for a minute how much joy you could bring to the other person's life when he or she receive an unexpected letter? 

I recently wrote my first letter to a long lost pen friend and noticed the joy I experienced by simply writing it. 

Have you ever sent letters by snail mail? Would you go back to it? 

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