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The Back Pain & Angelic Reiki Mystery Revealed

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Have you been suffering from back pain, neck-, and/or shoulder pain for a long time?

Have you tried to cure the pain with pain killers, physiotherapy, or with visits to the Chiropractor?

Neither any of the conventional treatments worked and no under laying medical cause was found.

Please read this article and find out how the angelic realm can help.

Let's take a look at the triggers of back pain.

  • You might be sitting in a bent position. Your office chair is not correctly adjusted to the height of your desk. 
  • Exercise might be missing in your life.
  • Being overweight is an issue too. 
  • You have the tendency to slouch which adds strain on your back and can lead to muscular pain too. 
Making lifestyle changes is necessary to improve the back pain.
  • Adjust your chair to the correct height so that you do not need to bent over your desk. 
  • Get up from your desk every 45 minutes and walk to the toilet or coffee machine. Stretch yourself outside the office, preferably in fresh air. 
  • Get enough exercise after work. Schedule exercise in your daily schedule. Take time out to connect with nature. Fresh air promotes a good night sleep.
If you are still not pain free, then Angelic Reiki might be the healer for you.

When a client presents himself or herself with back pain, he can expect the following healing treatment by the angelic realm.

The angels heal the back pain with their divine healing energy that is sent to the client's body via the practitioner's arms and hands.

While back pain is healed, the angels also address any associated health issues, such as insomnia, low energy levels, and emotional issues. If the client suffers also from headaches, the angels also address this issue.

While the healing is taking place, the angels sometimes have a message for the client with regards to their current life situation. Depending on the message, the practitioner might be the recipient of the message first and passes it on to the client once the healing session is completed.

Each healing session is different because each client is unique with her/his health concerns.

Is a past life causing you the back pain?

Very often, any type of back pain can be associated with a past life. Many of us have lived many lives before the current life.

When back pain seem non-curable with conventional methods, the angels often take the practitioner to a past life where one of two scenarios have taken place:

  1. the client lived in a life time where he/she worked as a slave and was punished by beatings on the back, 
  2. the client has lived in a life time where he has stolen from someone and was received to the back. 
Our memory cells remember, often hundreds of years later, what has happened to us in a different life time.
The angels are here to help heal the pain carried over into this life time.
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