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The 5 signs that you need to leave your comfort zone

The comfort zone is defined as the zone where you feel safe, loved and at ease. When you are in your comfort zone everything you do and have feels familiar and that makes you feel content.

Life in the comfort zone can be great when you have a job that is aligned with your passion, you earn sufficient money, have an active social life and enjoy good health. But life is never that swimmingly easy. We usually end up doing a job because we have to pay the bills and buy food. Life takes unexpected turns. You or your loved one becomes ill, you might lose your job or have to move to another town due to job change.

There is never time to think about what you would rather do with your life. You keep labouring away day in and day and all year round,  but never stand still and take time to breathe and think what you are actually here for. I often hear people saying: "One day, when I have the time to live my life purpose I will do it. At the moment I am too busy working and looking after my family".  Be honest with yourself, this is an excuse not to leave the life you are stuck in.  To get yourself unstuck and move forward you need to leave the comfort zone.


Here are the 5 signs that will help you make the first steps towards the life you deserve to lead.


Sign 1:  You dread getting up every morning to go to work or do housework.


Sign 2: You do not feel appreciated at work and have no chance to climb the career ladder.


Sign 3: The wages you earn leave your account faster than they are paid in. Your earnings do not let you live comfortably.


Sign 4: You feel that you are in a dead end relationship that does not let you spread your wings.


Sign 5: You have sleepless nights and think about your life. You would love to do what your are passionate about and feel alive by doing it. But you do not know how to change it.


If after reading this article you feel very uncomfortable than you really need to start looking for what you are passionate about.


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