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The 3 Secrets of Optimistic people

Optimism is a wonderful skill to have. People with an optimistic outlook in life do not seem to have any problems in life. They achieve anything they like, and seem to always have luck on their side. I will let you in on a secret. Yes, they have the same issues as you. But they deal with obstacles and other challenges in a way that can be learned.

They solve problems in a constructive and creative manner.

How can you do follow suit? It takes time to learn but the more you practice optimism the better you will be able to deal with life's issues.

Secret #1: Do not feel drawn into the negativity that surrounds us

Like you, optimists watch the news on TV or on the internet. They too are being made redundant. They have pessimistic people around them and the weather in their part of the globe could make the feel depressed.

How does it happen that some of the human beings around always have this optimistic outlook on life?

The secret is that they do not get drawn into the drama in the news and in private life. Everyone of us has probably gone through hardship in life. This is part of our continuous growth that we seem to need to experience. Optimistic people deal with the situation, find a solution and execute the action plan. I am not saying that they feel the pain. Yes, they do. But they do not let the pain overtake their lives.

When you get absorbed with the negativity in this world, the bad news on war or corruption, you drain your energy unnecessarily. You always have to think whether you can change the problem or not. If you can, deal with it. If you can't resolve the problem please do not get hung up about it.

Secret #2: Live in the Here and Now

How often do I hear friends and family members saying that they wish that they would have done things differently. They still think about events that have happened a few years ago. Everything that has happened to you in the past cannot be changed. You can learn from your mistakes and apply them to the present situation. Thinking about the mistakes you made are irreversible. If you think too much about it, you can become depressed. And this in turn is not helpful to move on with your life.

Optimistic people make either a mental note of what happened or the write it down. They think about positive solutions and turn around their lives.

It is no good to ponder about the future. The future is not here yet. You do not know what will happen in five or ten years' time. A perfect option would be to think about what you want to do with your future. What would you like to do in five years' time and where do you want to live? Create an action plan and work through it step by step. This gets you excited and will take away the fear of your future.

Secret #3: Healing for the soul

I have a friend who goes a lot of turmoil in her life. One day she told me that she would not get through her stressful life without meditation. She chooses meditation videos on youtube and follows them daily. She reads about strategies on how to calm her mind. She is an active seeker of spiritual practices and she would not be able to survive without all those practices.

I have found out myself that meditation is a very useful tool to align your mind, body and soul. It calms you down in a very profound way. With regular meditation practice you will be able to let go of the negative thoughts that roam around your mind.

What do you need to do to meditation?

1) Time

Set aside a specific time to do your meditation. You do not need to meditate for hours. Only monks and yogis meditate for several hours a day. Begin with a five minute meditation for one week. When you notice that your thoughts become more quiet increase the time to ten or fifteen minutes.

2) Location

The location is very important. I have created a sacred space in my office where I meditate. I placed a Buddha figure and a small white candle next to it. This main point is that you find calm and peace for the meditation. No one in your family is allowed to interrupt you for five to fifteen minutes daily. You may become de-motivated when one of your children suddenly enters the room. Maybe work stress keeps you from doing your meditation. Whenever you are stressed meditation is one of the most important rituals to follow. It will help you being alert during the day and you will be able to sleep better at night.

3) Adapt a comfortable seating position

You do not have to sit there like a yogi with his legs crossed over. You may not be able to do this anyway. You can sit very comfortable on your sofa or a chair. You can purchase a meditation cushion. You have to be sit comfortably so that you can focus on your breathing and let go of negative thoughts.

4) Music

Background music is helpful to meditate successfully. Especially at the beginning of each meditation, it helps to calm down your thoughts. It would be an advantage that the meditation music is always the same so that the frequency of thinking can slow down.

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