The #1 trigger of your food addiction

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The temporary addiction to fast food, pizza and high sugary foods can be comforting. After a long day at work, or a stressful week you often ditch the healthy cooking and treat yourself to a pizza or Chinese take away.

It can be comforting and even wholesome to sit down and tuck into a juicy pizza that let's you dream of a holiday by an Italian beach. Maybe you enjoy a glass of Italian red wine that creates the visual senses of being in a hot climate and enjoying a week away from the stress of your life.

Brilliant! You de-stress from the worries of your life for a few minutes.

Eating pizzas, pasta and other take away foods, including sweets and chocolates that contain high sugar levels can lead to co-dependency for these foods and drinks.

You might be familiar with the familiar triggers of food addiction, such as being abused as a child, not feeling loved, having received sweets as a reward for something... and so on. The list of those triggers is long and sadly true.

Unless you are spiritual, one trigger that is always forgotten. And that is the trigger that brings all the other triggers under one hat.

Let me tell this story.

More than ten years ago, I helped women to release unhelpful limiting beliefs around unhealthy eating, food addiction and weight gain. We not only hold feelings, such as anger, resentment or sadness in our mind. We also deal with beliefs that are holding you back to succeed in life and keep you overeating constantly. Once the limiting beliefs and feelings were dealt with, my customers had one urgent wish: They wanted to know their life purpose.

Wanting to know what we are here for in this life is an ever increasing wish worldwide. We were not put on this planet by the off chance.

After a traumatic relationship break up, I changed jobs within the company and noticed that it was wrong to do so. I ended up being more stressed and had less money in my pocket at the end of each month.

At the same time the emotional pain of my relationship break up manifested itself in overeating and over drinking. I consumed fatty Chinese take away such as crispy duck regularly. I enjoyed a bottle of red wine while eating the meal. A few months later, I gained so much weight, I would not fit into any of my trousers anymore.

I said to myself that enough is enough. Here are the steps I have taken to overcome my food addiction.

1. Evaluated my emotions. I am a believer in writing down my thoughts and emotions. It will help me to see how I feel and why I feel that way. Try it, it feels good to get it out on paper. You don't have to show it to anyone, but it will give you instant relief.

2. I started writing down my food intake. I knew that I ate too much wheat and gluten products. I also had to ditch my alcohol consumption. After just one week writing down everything I ate, I had clarity where I was going wrong. I started to eliminate the foods that would cause me bloating and sluggishness.

3. I added regular walking into my daily life. The more I walked the more energy I built up and the longer I could stay up again and do things.

4. I changed my mindset on eating. I only eat every 4-5 hours a light meal, beginning with a slice of protein. This could be lean chicken, lean turkey or tofu.

I drink 2-3 litres of bottled still water to speed up my metabolism. And it works.

Once you have overcome the constant urge to eat you can move on to find your life purpose!

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