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Purposeful goal setting

I have been working with a client on finding her life purpose for more than four weeks. We worked on belief change around the subject. I gave her exercises to work on. I gave her time to think about what she wanted to do with her life. As a matter of fact, she has just sold her house. Then she gave up her job. Suddenly she noticed that she has come to a crossroads in her life.

In one of the sessions she came to realize exactly that...she didn't call a home her own anymore and she had no income to support her in the long run.

For some women this would be a scary thought. It would result in having nightmares. However, my client felt that she had now the chance to remodel her life. Up to this point she still had no idea what to do professionally. She just knew that she has now a blank canvas to work with and she got all excited.

As a life coach, this is what I love most. A client who wants and can start from the very beginning. There are so many avenues to go down. I asked myself a few questions before the last coaching session:

1) Where would this client live for the rest of her life?

2) Would she be looking for her soul mate and live with him?

3) What is the actual life purpose? We tried all exercises I can think of, but with no result so far.

4) Would she be financially stable?

5) Would she like to travel? Where does she want to travel?

A lot of thoughts went trough my mind. Then the third session commenced and I started by asking her how she is doing. I continued to talk to her about her hobbies and where she wants to live in the future.

And then it happened!

Out of the blue she said that she always wanted to run a B&B. She wanted to live in Tennessee, USA. As she is American, that should not be a problem to materialize.

I knew she found her life purpose because her eyes lit up with joy, they came to life and the thought that she has found the meaning in her life made her immense happy.

Her next steps are the following:

1) Finding out whether she wants to run her B&B in the United States or in another country. She mentioned that she wants to live in the UK.

2) I asked her to look into funding the B&B. How would she move forward with this.

3) I asked her to look at the time scale. By what date, month and year does she want to have accomplished her goal?

4) What are the first steps she can manage to achieve within the next 3 months?

5) Then she needs to think about the purchase of the B&B. Does this B&B need to be a new built or would purchasing an existing B&B be better for her. How does she want the B&B to look inside and outside? I asked her to image the B&B in her imagination.

6) Will she run the business on her own or with a business partner or partner?

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There are many questions to consider that gets her excited and keeps her motivated.

Are you looking for your life purpose but you are not sure how to proceed? Call me on 07480 267 906 to discuss your plans.

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