Past Life Healing with Angelic Reiki

Past Life Healing with Angelic Reiki

You might have wondered where your unexplainable fear of dogs and cats comes from?
Have you an extreme fear of swimming in deep waters? Have you tried learning to swim but have given up learning it because you are too scared to might drown?
The secret is that you may have lived in another life time where a dog or cat has attacked you or even killed you. The size of a dog or cat was probably larger than the average lap dog or domestic cat. However, the fear has been stored in your subconscious mind. Whenever you see a dog or cat you feel panic, experience sweating and might want to run away.

When you experience something like panic for certain animals. something has gone wrong in a past life, and the negative impact of the incident remained stuck within us.

Here are a few examples of past life connections and fears.

  • Fear of water - This could originate from drowning in a past life. You might have traveled on the Titanic and have drowned because you were below deck when the disaster struck. You may have been one of the poorer travelers who were denied getting into the few emergency boats available.
  • Fear of Heights - This could be due to falling off a cliff or skyscraper. You might have been thrown off a building.
  • Fear of speaking in public - you might have been killed in front of an audience as a healer or witch. One thought that comes to mind is an arena where people used to watch executions. You were exposed and humiliated in front of spectators. This also includes feeling a closed throat when you start to speak in front of an audience. You may feel that you cannot speak. This may go back to a life when you were strangled to death.
  • Fear of loneliness - you may have been lonely and sad in another life which your subconscious mind remembers.
  • Fear of losing someone - This could originate from someone losing a loved one like a child or parent in a past life time.

How does Angelic Reiki help?

In Angelic Reiki past life healing is called Multidimensional healing because the healing is done across all your incarnations, across all dimensions and seperate realities.
The practitioner is taken back to the life that is connected with this life's issue. The practitioner is shown what has happened and can then make a decision how to proceed. This can be an additional Angelic Reiki session or the healing can start in the same session.
You, the client also might receive insights from that past life. You might see colours and experience emotions. Healing takes place on all levels. This would be emotionally-, spiritually-, mentally- , and physically.

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