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New Years' Resolution: Finding your life purpose

Every January we have New Years' resolutions. Just like you, I have my own goals and dreams. Every year I say that I want to loose weight and take up exercise. But by mid January, I already have given up on my goals.

How about you?


Have you ever thought that finding and living your life purpose could your New Years' Resolution?


Have you ever dreamt of living a less stressful life with more productivity, creativity and happiness? I have achieved exactly that dream. When I started to work as a coach and healer, I dealt mainly with women who wanted to overcome their food addiction. However, most of those ladies had a burning question for me. They all asked me what their life purpose is. I came to the conclusion that overeating or not eating sufficient food is a way of being disconnected from your body and your soul. My ladies all had one thing in common: they found comfort in eating more than their stomach could hold because they were unhappy with their lives in one way or another. They told me about the missing love in their lives, and the wish of being understood. But what they were really craving is to know their true calling is in life. Their questions were: What am I here for? How do I find my life purpose? How can I change my life to earn money from my hobby?

You might connect with the questions mentioned above and have the same or similar thoughts about it. But if not, I have some tips on how you can find your life purpose.

1) When it comes to finding what we are here for we often look at celebrities, or friends who have achieved living their dream life with happiness and joy.

Who do you know who lives their life in integrity and happiness by doing what they love? Think about how they have achieved this goal and what steps they have taken to achieve it.

Then think about steps you need to take to do the same.

2) Think about what you always wanted to do but have never done. This could be taking up playing tennis, be a volunteer at a charity, studying a subject that is out of the ordinary. There are trillions of options you can connect with. Whatever gives you meaning in life and has a purpose that is what will make you happy and gives you energy and motivation.

3) Just in case you still do not know what your life purpose could be I can assure you that could be more than one for you in store. Write down a list of all the passions, talents and skills you have. Then pick the one hobby or interest that creates the most desire in you. It would be something that makes you heart sing, you get motivated and excited instantly. This is the interest that draws your attention to immediately. You have found your life purpose.

For more suggestions: Join my closed facebook group for inspiration and videos: Monika's Life Purpose coaching group

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