Letting go of what is not meant to be

Letting go of what is not meant to be

This story is my own experience. I have decided to share this experience with you because I know that you have been in all kinds of life situations that left you frustrated, felt like giving up and ended up being stressed.
I feel with you because so-called life challenges occur on a regular basis. I tell you the real- life story I have been through only a few days ago.

For the last three months I was excited to go on a business trip to the South of England. It would have involved an event that would have moved my business forward, and I was ready to take on the challenge.

It meant for me that I had to travel by car about five hours from where I live. But I didn't mind because I knew that this was a win- win situation for me. After fuelling my car at a local petrol station, I set off on my journey.

At first all went well. I had no major traffic to deal with, nor did I get stuck in a traffic jam. I felt lucky and my mood soared. Soon I would be creating an online course for my potential clients. I chose to bring you a course in life purpose as an informational and inspirational course.
I do have to admit that my google maps sat nav did not work correctly, but I was confident that I would find my destination.
It was about 4pm when I thought I had reached the correct exit on the motorway. After driving around in an urban area, I realized that I had left the motorway by far too early.

I contacted the workshop instructor and she helped me go back to the motorway.

I knew at that point that I would not be able to join the welcome dinner at 7pm. I would arrive at 8pm the earliest.

During the next 3 hours I was further mislead by two ladies at a coffee shop and a petrol station. They were both from the area and should have guided me down the right path. But that did not happen. By that time, it was already dark and rainy. I became more and more agitated and almost started to cry. While I was driving down a dark and deserted road with trees to my right and left, I cried for help from the angels.

At first, I didn't hear anything. Suddenly my guardian angel began to talk to me. I heard his familiar voice to my right hand side. He said:" I don't think you should do this online course." I asked him for the reason not to go ahead with my project. He answered:" Things have changed. Your upcoming book will sell well."
I added that I have paid for this course. What happens to the money I paid? My guardian angel advised me to ask for a refund and re-schedule the workshop to a later date. He advised me also to choose a different topic to educate my customers and re-book this workshop to a later date in the year.
As you can imagine I felt as if I did this trip for nothing. I was at the end with my nerves. I had driven more than 5 hours non-stop. I only had 3 small breaks to walk my legs.

And now the angel world was telling me not to go head with my exciting project.

I texted the workshop instructor and told her that I am not returning home.

My guardian angel offered me his infinite energy to drive another 5 hours back home. He has been amazing. I was wide awake until I parked my car in front of my flat.
Connecting with your guardian angels is the most profound experience you can ever have. My guardian angel has helped me make a decision, I will always be grateful for.

What is the lesson I have learned from this quite extraordinary situation?

1. Follow angelic guidance whenever they connect with you. This is something that only will work if you call upon the angels regularly. Your guardian angel can step in without your call. If he feels that you need help, he will be there to guide you.
2. When you are in a helpless situation, don't say: Why is this happening to me? Say, how do I resolve the issue right now. FOCUS on the outcome.
3. You have heard the saying: When one door closes, another one opens. You will know in a few months' time why the doors have closed on you.
4. Learn to connect with your intuition and meditate daily so that the angels can enter your life.
5. Let go of your EGO. Surrender completely to the guidance you receive from the angels. It is difficult at first, but following their messages becomes easier over time.

One advice I have for you is that you never feel like a victim when you experience a setback. All setbacks can be resolved by connecting with the angels either trough writing to them in a journal. You can create an angel altar and begin a daily ritual to call upon them. Angels are waiting to help you in all life situations.

The angels will help you letting go of worries, fear, frustration and stress.