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How to recognise Turning Points

Like you I have dreamt of living the life I desire. My ideal life is to wake up in the morning and do the work I am most passionate about. I noticed that this is easier said than done.

For many years I stayed stuck in one job just because it helped me to pay my bills and mortgage. I got up every morning with having almost no energy. I felt as if I was stuck in a rut I did not want to be in. But I had no idea how to escape the nine to five job to do the work I desire.

One day, one of my colleagues told me that she is fed up getting up in the middle of the night to go to work. She suffered from Sinus problems, colds and migraines. She still came into work because she did not want to be calling in sick all the time. She also was fed up with her relationship. Her whole life seems to be falling apart.

This was for me the turning point in my life. I imagined to be in her situation in about ten years time. I fast forwarded my current life. What would I do in five years' time? I started doing my research online and visited book shops to help me find some clues. The book "How to be your own life coach" by Fiona Harold fell off the shelf. It was like another pointer into the right direction. I picked up the book, flicked through it and bought it. After reading the first twenty pages I knew that I had found my life purpose and did my research online. I checked out life coach courses and choose the best one for me. This meant that I was able to go to work and in my free time I studied for my life Coach Diploma.

When you are on a mission to discover and live your life purpose you will be presented turning points along the way to help you move forward. It is up to you to recognize this signs and act on them.

This is not always easy, especially when our life is full of stress and distractions. I have a friend who says that she would love to live a more meaningful life, but she has no talents or skills. Besides she has too much going on at home. Everybody deals with upheavals and obstacles. This is how life gets in the way. We have to find ways to find the balance, deal with the issue on hand to still push forward with what we are passionate about.

Here is a little exercise for you to do for the next two weeks:

1) Think about any turning points in your life. Make a note of them and think about how it has influenced you to make changes to your life.

2) What steps to you need to take to achieve your life purpose?

Summary: Turning points happen for a reason. The act as signpost and give you a slight nudge to change direction. They help you to think about your current situation and start making valuable changes to your current life.

Turning points can be subtle or very clear situations. This might be having continuous issues at work or in your relationship, not having sufficient money to live on or going through divorce.

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