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How to protect yourself from unwanted dark energy

· Angel communication

When you get into the habit of talking to the angels on a daily basis, you might have noticed that you do not always receive clear answers. Or maybe the answers you receive might not feel right. It feels as is some darker energy has interfered with your work with the angelic realm.

Darker energies can be loved ones who have passed over but have not found peace in heaven. Often souls who do not found solice in going home are happy to be separated from body and soul. These souls would visit us in order to be with us. Even after death, our souls need food. Our light energy provides "food for their soul" for them. This in turn makes us feel lethargic or feeling depressed.

You might go to a meeting at work. The moment you walk into the room, you noticed a stagnant, negative energy. This negative energy is transmitted by the peoples' thoughts in the room. You can feel it and might unconsciously absorb it.

"Fallen" angels are known as those angels who did not give up their free to become God's messengers. The angels we communicate with have surrendered their free will and devote themselves to God. The "fallen" angels, however, can interfere with our thoughts and our free will. You can hear the "fallen" angels when you hear a loud voice instead of a kind, quiet message from the angelic realm.

The "fallen" angels would send you a negative message to your question.

How can you protect yourself from the interference of those dark entities with the following techniques:

1. White sage

Before you begin to meditate or connect with the angels, smudge your home with white sage. Smudging your home will get rid of spirits and darker energies, it will leave your home with fresh energy. You will feel that the answers your receive from the angels is kind and pure.

Following the sage cleanse, you should fill the space with new energy. You could use incenses or essential oils that attract angelic energy, such as:

1) Frankincense (my favourite)

2) Lavender

3) Sandalwood

4) Sweet orange

2. White bubble

Just before you begin your work with the angels, sit down in a quiet place and close your eyes. The white bubble or white light is the universal source of love and protection. Whenever I feel that I have a spirit in my home, I imagine this white light surrounding my body. Visualize this white light for a minute and then open your eyes.

While visualizing the white light you can call upon Archangel Michael with the following chant:

"I call upon Archangel Michael, the archangel of protection, to cleanse this space and offer protection from harm. Please place guardian angels in front of all the windows and doors and protect my family, pets and me."

Alternatively, you can say:

"This room is surrounded with the white bubble of light, nothing can harm me so long as I am protected by it."

In summary, the angels send you messages with their sweet, kind and gentle voices.

Dark entities always will be loud and have negative answers to your questions.

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