How to have a duvet day

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I heard about having a duvet day back in the days when I was still employed. That was more than 15 years ago. A colleague of mind told me that his sister would call in sick every now and then. But really, she would have a duvet day at home.

On that particular day, his sister would simply walk around the house in her pj's, eat good food, watch TV or read a good book.

While the value of taking the occasional day off sick is well-documented, what about taking a day off from your whole life?

And here are my top tips on how to pull a very sophisticated sickie and enjoy your day away from the stress at the office, your family and friends. Forget for one day per month that you have to pay bills, rent or mortgage and indulge yourself into a day at a spa, followed by a healthy lunch and a hairdresser's appointment.

I believe that this is a rather classy thought. For us single women that comes as part as being alone. I often take myself away from my stress and my cats. My last getaway took me to Torquay in Devon, UK. I enjoyed a 5 day holiday where I walked along the sea, watched and fed the seagulls. I did not touch my car for the whole time and simply took the bus and train wherever I wanted to go to.

It was heaven, I de-stressed and

It does not have to be that dramatic, but as a lady you need some me-time from time to time. And I still believe that a duvet day, it might be every 2 months, is absolutely necessary to recharge your batteries.

You may say now that this is a selfish act. Believe me, your colleagues are taking time off. They do not say it obviously. So, why should you not be selfish too? Looking after yourself is not selfish, it is imperative to your emotional-, and mental health. When you take time out for a day, you will be more energized and happier to go back to work.

Plan your duvet day off ahead of time. Think about what you want to do on that day. My idea of a duvet day would be to meditate, write on my new book and go for a coffee.

If you feel stuck in your job, you could take the time to rethink your career path, and begin to make changes to your life. On those days, you could de-clutter your home, begin to reset your priorities and plan the take big leaps towards living a more meaningful life.

What is your idea of having a duvet day?

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