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How to create an angel altar

· Angel communication

Today we are going to create an angel altar.

When communicating with the angels, having an angel altar in your home is essential for a strong connection with the angelic realm. This is a place where the angels gather around you. You can tune in with them more easily and receive their messages clearly.
The angel altar is your own sacred space where you can meditate, be creative, express yourself freely and grow spiritually.
The angel altar can be anywhere in your home where it is quiet and you are undisturbed. My personal altar is in my living room on top of the mantelpiece. It is the focus of the room.

When gathering objects for your altar you can add crystals, candles, flowers, essential oils or incense.You can place a singing bowl to it or anything else you love.

If you are trying to manifest a certain goal in your life, place a photo or cut out picture to your altar and meditate on it.
Ask the angels to show you options to reach your goal. Make a note of the answers you receive.
The photo below is my own angel altar. It might give you some idea how to create yours.

Should you not have the possibility to create an altar in your home, but have a beautiful garden or balcony, you can create an altar there too.

My angel altar in my living room
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