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How to cleanse your home with white sage

· Angel communication

Today I am going to show you how to cleanse your home with white sage.

To do the cleansing of your home you ideally would need to invest in a smudging kit. A smudging kit includes a feather, abalone shell, sage smudge bulb stick, palo santo wood, and sage wood.
These kits can be purchases on Amazon or any holistic shop online.

The following ritual is being used by Native Americans for hundreds of years. I personally use this ritual to cleanse the air in my home before I connect with the angelic realm. The benefit is that is clears any negative energy in your home so that the angel messages can come through clearly.

Before I go ahead and explain you the ritual I would like to explain the the kit contents.

Feather: Native Americans believed feathers to be gifts from ancient realms & were often used in sacred rituals.
Abalone Shell: The shell of a marine snail, which carries protectional and emotionally balancing energy, representing the water element.
Sage Smudge Bulb stick: white sage is known for its cleansing and protective properties, the herb represents the Earth element and the smoke, represents the Fire element.
Palo Santo Wood: Known as the "Holy Wood" and is a bringer of healing and good fortune to the user when burnt
Sage Wood: Can help brighten the energy and promote feelings or positivity and joy. The scent is also known to reduce stress and anxiety, and enhance clarity and concentration.

The ritual:
Before beginning the ritual, set your intention.
Open the windows in each room. Light end of the white sage. Blow out. Move clockwise around each room. Think loving thoughts and begin to connect with the angels.
You can say something like this: My dear angels, I invite you to enter my home. Please stay with you throughout my session with you. Thank you."

Extinguish the end of the herbs.

This is a simple exercise which I do once a month. You can do this ritual as often as you feel like.

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