How to boost your intuition with the angels

How to boost your intuition with the angels

I have been learning to tune into my intuition for many years. Considering that our intuition always has been with us we are not used to listen to it whenever needed. This is due to the stress we experiencing in our daily lives. Negative thinking, worries and fear block us from utilizing our intuition when we need to. Childhood conditioning taught us to learn rationally rather then use our intuition to find out what is the right direction to take in life, what decision is right for us so that we can be happy from the inside out.
Over the last ten years I have been learning belief change techniques, learned to apply spiritual practices to raise my vibration. By learning these techniques my intuition has increased by 100% and I now simply my intuition on a daily basis. As a result, I have become a person without having any worries and have no fear for the future.

I have applied the following ideas to boost my intuition and I know that with practice they will help you too.

1) Connect with Archangel Haniel
Archangel is considered to be a female angel and her name translates to 'Glory of God'. Archangel Haniel's role is to help you develop your emotions, intuition and imagination. Call on Archangel Haniel to help you understand moods and atmospheres. She can help you see clearly.

To call on Archangel Haniel try this exercise. Repeat it as often as you feel you need to.

Sit down in a quiet place. Ideally have an angel altar in your room or elsewhere in your property. My angel altar is on my mantelpiece.
Sit with your palms open and call upon Archangel Haniel: Archangel Haniel, please come to me. Archangel Haniel, please come to me. Archangel Haniel, please come to me.
Wait until you can sense the angel in your room. You might see pale blue sparkles of light. You might feel that the energy changes around you. She might even show herself being in front of you.
Then say: Archangel Haniel, please open my third eye (this is the space in between your two eye brows). Archangel Haniel will send her pale blue beam of light into your third eye chakra. You might feel a throbbing in between your eye brows. This means that Archangel Haniel is opening your third eye chakra. The activation can take up to two minutes.
When the process is completed thank Archangel Haniel and meditate for a minute or two. If you have received any messages from the archangel, write them down. When you repeat this exercise often you will receive insights into what direction to take.

2) Take a walk in nature

Running around after our children, the stress at the office, being stuck in a traffic jam, having a sick pet at home can take our mind on a spin. Those negative thoughts and energy that emerges with all the external stress can leave us frustrated and exhausted. But simply taking a walk in a park, by a lake or seaside will take your mind off the stress if you acknowledge the beauty of the nature. Connecting with fauna and flora will give you renewed energy, opens up your psychic senses and will fill your heart with love.
Archangel Jophiel, "Beauty of God", helps you to reignite inspiration. She is the angel of beautiful thoughts, poetry. wisdom, understanding and judgement. Call upon Archangel Jophiel to de-clutter your busy schedule. Learn to delegate your work to colleagues and family members. Maybe have a cleaner or baby sitter once a week.
Your intuition will increase when you become creative. You will be able to let go of busy thoughts and slow down. This will heighten your intuition.

3) De-clutter your home

To clear out the clutter in your home is paramount to increase your intuition. This includes sorting out your finances. If you do have debts contact a financial advisor or a savvy friend who can help you with a plan to decrease your debts. When I had debts it occupied my mind day in and day out. I was not able to sleep and gained weight. The energy of the worries and fear blocks your progress to become more intuitive.
Archangel Jophiel is the angel to call upon when you need advise on how to proceed with de-cluttering your home and finances. Archangel Jophiel's aura is deep rose pink. If you want to call this beautiful archangel into your life weat a pink rubelite as a bracelet or necklace.

4) Re-evaluate your life

Maybe the time has come to take a closer look at your current life. If you feel stuck, frustrated or stressed you are called by your soul to evaluate what is not going well in your life currently.

Archangel Gabriel is the angel to call upon when you are trying to re-group or refresh your life. He will help you to find clarity in your situation. It could be a current or new relationship, marriage, making a career change or the wish to move to another town or country. Wear a blue lace agate crystal in your bag or as a jewellery.

In order to increase your intuition you would need to let go of the negative energy not only in your home and finances but also in your job and relationships.
Call on Archangel Uriel when you feel that you may have problems in one area of life. If you have to a crossroads or turning point in your life he is the angel to call upon. His energy is pale yellow, like a candle's glow. Carry an amber crystal when you want to work with this archangel and you will feel his presence whenever you need to.

Archangel Jeremiel means "Mercy of God" and he can help you with your life review and transformation of your life. If you want to change things in your life. Archangel Jeremiel will help you to take stock of your life and gives you intuitive insights what areas need to be improved or even changed. When working closely with this angels you will notice that life patterns change gradually. Archangel Jeremiel's light is deep purple.

5) Journalling

Writing a journal regularly has helped me to get rid of mental clutter, have learned to increase my intuition over the years and I have achieved living my life purpose as a result of this.
It feels good to jot down the negative energy of words in your mind on paper. When you regularly 'empty' your mind and intuition can come in.
There are two archangels to call on when trying to become more serious about writing but also if you would like to take writing up as a hobby:
Archangel Gabriel is the patron of authors, writers, journalists and correspondents. When archangel Gabriel is near you might see flashes of shiny copper colour lights around you.
Archangel Uriel supports writers. When you call upon this archangel you might see the light colour yellow.