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How can I be more authentic? This is a question many people ask themselves. How can be more authentic? How can I live an authentic life? And this is the ultimate question if you want to live a happier and meaningful life. 

So, why don't you live your authentic life? The answer is that you may have been conditioned to do what your parents and society expected to you do and who you should be. We all have listened to our parents, including me. I always wanted to work as a freelance translator. My mum told me that I need to know where my monthly wages come from. As a freelance translator I had no secure income. 

At the age at 53, I finally found my way out of permanent employment and simply listen to my self. 

It is liberating to to work in my own business, to be my own boss. I get up in the morning totally motivated and psyched up to work and create my own reality. 

I do understand that it takes a lot of courage and confidence to leave the "old life" behind. But you can achieve anything you like, if you only put your mind to it. 

In order to proceed you need to know who you are. You need to owe yourself and be yourself. This is the journey to take if you are looking for your life purpose. 

The desire for change becomes more clear when you suddenly noticed that your current life does not fit in with who you are anymore. Maybe friendships or even your relationship does not fit in with you anymore. That is the time to look at your situation, look at what you would rather do and want. 

To practice the idea of changing your life the way you have dreamed of is the following exercise:

Just imagine for a moment that you'd won in the lottery.

What would you do had a million pounds? Would that make a difference to your life? 

Take a piece of paper and make a list of all the things you'd do with the money, if you haven't already done this at some point! 

Would you move house, change your job, start your own business, write a book, go to university or maybe emigrate to another country? 

Spend some time writing the list and include anything that comes to mind. 

What did you come up with? Are you going to pursue your dream? What first step can you take today to get your dream moving? 

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