Five plus 1 ways to follow your dreams

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You may expect this kind of email at the end of the year 2021. I may ask you what your New Years' Resolution? But let's face it... you can begin to create your dream life at any month of the year. I personally feel that I am much more motivated to change my life in the middle of the year rather than at the beginning of January. I have set New Years' Resolutions every year and by mid January the latest, all the best intentions to lose weight, to change my job or to move to a better place to live have gone out of the window. 

Is this your experience too?

So, let's get going. Begin with the following:

1) Be crystal clear about the goal you want to achieve. If you are not sure about your goals, brainstorm your ideas on a sheet of paper or your journal. The longer the list, the clearer the idea will be at the end of the search. 

2) Take a leap of faith. You need to know that you can do it! Make it part of your morning ritual to read the following affirmation out loud daily: 'I deserve the very best life'. This will give you the courage you need through the day. 

3) If you are not sure how to start making changes to your life and are a little be scared to begin, just ask a friend for help. What other resources would you have to move your plans forward? Get online and do your research on coaching websites, online forums and local support groups. 

4) You need to know yourself. Ask yourself what your dreams really are. Your childhood ambitions may not be what you want today as you have evolved over the years. Your hobbies and interests have changed. You have discovered new skills or gifts. Meditate on the question: 'What do I love in life?', then see if your passion lines up with your core values. The answer lies in where they meet.

5) Follow your intuition. This is my favourite subject. I personally found my life purpose by constantly practicing my intuition. If an opportunity arises, don't answer it immediately. A rush decision originates from fear and you may regret your answer later. I suggest, that  Take a step back and connect with your inner self. Find that inner peace and listen to your gut. What does it say? Does it feel good to say yes to the opportunity? 

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