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Finding balance in a hectic world

Over the last century our lives have become fast paced and we hardly can keep up it. This article gives you practical tips on how to find balance and let go of the busyness and hectic in our jobs and private life.

Every step of our daily chores has become too speedy. Speed is the master of our lives and we in turn have invented the speed. It makes us sick, depressed and causes us sleepless nights. We have become more and more aggressive because unconsciously we cannot deal with the speed of every task we have to fulfil.

I really do not want to become to dramatic about it but I do feel that the time has come to slow down and pull the brakes.

What can you do to start find balance between meeting deadlines, running after the kids and socialising?

1) First of all, take a step back and slow down. Think about what is the most important task that needs to be done and what is less important. Make a list to gain more clarity and soon you will see what kind of unimportant tasks stress you out too much.

2) Focus on what is really important to you. Do you need to pay regular bills? Set up a direct debit for each of them. Do you spend several hours shopping in the supermarket? Set up an online shopping account and just hit the purchase button once a week and the food will be delivered to your door.

Delegate some of the housework to your family or book a cleaner once or twice a week. All these things free up time and let you do the things you enjoy doing.

3) Set an intention each week. If you love being spiritual, do something that soothes your soul. For example, book yourself an angel card reading or attend a meditation class.

4) Create a sanctuary in your home which is only for you. This can be the box room that is used as a store room. Clear it out and create a cosy hide away that is just for you.

5) Start writing a gratitude journal for thankfulness and reflection.

6) Cook a healthy meal with your family once or twice a week. Gluten free meals and snacks will improve your health.

7) Join a women club, such as book club or playing golf. Social activities help to relax and distress.

8) Learn to say no to overworking in your workplace. When your manager asks you to stay longer you may agree to stay on although you really want to go home and relax. Have the courage to say NO to working overtime. It feels good to say no every now and then and boosts your confidence.

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