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Ask your angel for help or advice

· Angel communication

Today I am going to show you how to connect with the angels with any question or concern you may have.

When asking the angels for answering your request, it is important that you say 'Thank you' in advance.
Saying thank you means that you trust the angels to deliver the answer to you.
You let go of the need and desperation to receive an answer. The answer will be delivered to you the 'angel way'. This means that it might take a few days until you receive the answer.
After you said 'thank you', it is important that you let go. The answer will be delivered to you in just the right time.
Here is the exercise:

Ground and protect yourself (see Day 1). Tune into the angels vibration as they join you.

Begin by saying: "My dear angels, please help me trust myself and you; give me the confidence to ask you for an answer to my situation."

Then let them know what situation you need an answer about.

Let go of any conscious thoughts you may have at this time. Try to keep your mind empty and relaxed. Breathe in and breathe out slowly.

Now imagine what would it be like to have this wish granted. What does it feel like? Are you happy, relieved, or inspired?

Then wait for a minute or two. Then say "Thank you, angels for making my wish come true." Your wish is now with the angels and they are doing their work.

You can apply this process whenever you have a question, concern or wish.

I hope you have a good day. Please email me with any questions you may have.

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