Are you already feeling the pressure...?

with your New Years' Resolution

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Are you already feeling the pressure of succeeding with your New Years' Resolution? I don't know what your New Years' Resolution is, but whatever you have decided to achieve... I can assure you that you can achieve it.

The secret in achieving any New Years' resolution goal is to take the heat off in feeling the need to achieve it. And to achieve it by a certain month and date. 

This kind of mindset will stress you out and when you can't work on your New years' resolution goal, you are most likely to fail. 

Here are my tips to stay on track with your New Years' resolution:

1) Ask yourself what the motivation for your goal is? When you are crystal clear about your goal it will be easier to follow through with it, even when you experience challenges in your life. 

2) Why do I want to achieve this goal? What does it give me when I have achieved it? And how do I know that I have achieved it? 

3) What steps do I need to take to bring my goal into reality? The secret is to write out an action plan, and record any steps you have taken during the day and weeks ahead. This will help you to see where you have made progress. And what you still need to work on.

4) It is important that you treat yourself to your small successes on the way in achieving your goal. This could going to the cinema, having lunch with a friend or simply have a manicure or facial in our local beauty salon. You can be proud of yourself to make striking progress in working on your goal. I know from my own experience that this is not always easy. You will experience setbacks due to all kinds of stress. 

5) How can you re-motivate yourself when you have come off track? Remind yourself why you started working on your goal in the first place. Create a motivation board with pictures, affirmations and quotes to help you go back to achieving your goal and moving forward. 

I hope this helps to get excited about going for your goal in 2022. 


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