9 top tips to stay motivated

9 top tips to stay motivated

Oftentimes I found it difficult to stay motivated to work on my coaching business. This was due to being in full time employment, being tired, being fed up or simply not being motivated enough. When you are not motivated to reach your goal, then every little obstacle can hinder you to move forward. And even if the obstacle is work, commuting home from work, your children or a leak in the house.

Over the years I developed different motivation techniques I am going to share with you.

1) Make sure that the goal is yours.

When you are studying for a degree or masters that you are not fully convinced about you won;t be motivated. Deep down in your heart you know that something does not feel right until you remember that this is not your goal but someone else's.

2) Focus on your goal. This is not always easy. But if you write a daily list the night before you will be able to stay focused.

3) Visualize the outcome. Write down your dream life and how you can add value to your life. Read it out loud and visualize it every morning and every evening. If you visualize it daily the mental picture will be stored in your subconscious mind and will become reality.

4)Create a vision board. At some point I created a vision board. I learned about vision boards in my coach training. So I decided to give it a go and create one board myself. Apart from having fun cutting out pictures from magazines and drawing pictures of my dream life myself, some of it actually manifested.

5) Self-belief.

You need to have self-belief in order to change your life. Changing your life is not going to work out or takes longer if you do not believe in it. Write down all your negative beliefs on one side of a sheet of paper. Next to each negative belief write the positive belief. Read it daily if possible. Your subconscious mind will memorize it. And after a while you feel a lot more positive about your goals.

6) Connect with nature. Going for a walk in a park or a nearby lake gives me the most motivation to work on my life purpose. I often walk about 500 kcls off on a daily basis. It creates fresh energy and gives your brain lots of oxygen to come up with ideas on how to create your new life. It is amazing. I can only recommend it.

7) Be grateful!

It may sound weird, but when you are grateful for what you have and what you have achieved so far, it creates more positive energy and the Universe will send you more opportunities to grow and to live a better life. Write down every evening 10 things you are grateful about. Notice how fast the positive energy will rise quickly.

8) Turn off your TV and social media.

I suggest that you turn off your TV and social media once a week. Then increase it to twice a week and so one. I have not watched any TV for the last six months. It feels like a TV detox and it feels good. I am not stressed. I am not worried about my future anymore. Over 90% of all the TV shows, news and soaps are packed with cruelty and negativity. All this negativity feeds your mind with worries, fears and sleepless nights. Often it is unnecessary because happens on this beautiful planet is out of our hands. I do agree, that you can contribute to its recovery in your community, and that is something I would recommend. It will help you to contribute to the environment and the world.

9) Increase your positive thinking.

I know that this is not always easy. Read books that improves your positive thinking. Romance, chick lits and personal development books are all geared towards positivity. Try to do some stand up comedy or visit a stand up comedy show. When I was depressed last year I watched Russell Howard gigs on youtube for half an hour, and I felt a lot more positive during the day.

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