6 reasons to rewrite your career story

What can you do to change your career prospects?

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This article is for you if you have been feeling of leaving the company you work for lately, but have not quite decided yet how to move forward. 

Maybe you do not want to leave your current job because you actually love working with your colleagues but feel that a change is necessary to move your career life into the right direction. 

If you have been workin in your job for more than five years already, you have learned the skills you need to do your job properly and in a timely manner. 

I remember my job with the airline. I used to work in an office environment seeling group flights for skittles clubs, hen parties wanting to travel to Las Vegas, USA or a group of ladies who got excited to visit the Big Apple. I calculated the group fare for those groups, booked their seats and added special meal requests wherever needed. I loved my job because I was able to negotiate fares and made our passengers happy. 

But after two years working in this role, I felt that a change was necessary. I didn't want to leave the airline I had now worked for for two years. Instead I applied for a vacancy at the airport and after two extensive job interviews I was offered the job. Obviously I was overjoyed and accepted the new role that would bring me new challenges daily.

And that is reason #1: When you feel that your current role becomes monotonous, apply for a vacancy within the same company. Being bored and underchallenged should not make you decided to throw in the towel and leave. Look for opportunities within the company. I need to give you one advice though: Don't apply for ALL the vacancies within your company. Choose exactly what you want to do next and stick to it. If you apply for ten different vacancies your manager will get the feeling that you don't know what you want. 

That brings me to reason #2: You feel that you have no career prospects within the company. This might not be the case. Think about talking to your manager about doing a side-by-side training for one day in a department you would love to work. Before applying for a new role in that department, find out whether you are the right person for the department. Find out if you need to learn new skills for this role you are interested in. 

Reason #3: If you feel undervalued in your department ask your manager to volunteer to take on one of her/his work. If your manager writes the monthly newsletter, ask him whether you could take over this project because you love writing. That way, you decide what subjects your colleagues and you are going to read and what is worth reading. Once you have volunteered for one project, you can add this to your curriculum vitae (CV) for future reference. 

If you are an excel sheet wizard you can suggest to your manager to update the monthly call stats from all call centre agents. Think about more options to volunteer. It will show to your manager that you are interested in your work and that you are pro-active too. The idea is that you gain as much experience as possible to enhance your possibilities to apply for a job that you are really passionate about and get to work in it too.

Reason #4: After all your efforts to gain experience, new skills and get a promotion or payrise, take two to three weeks holiday and work as an intern in a different company to see whether this is the career you want to pursue. An internship often opens up new opportunities in unexpected ways. You may find the life purpose in this internship. You might get head-hunted and can start a new career with this new company. Doors may open that you have never expected. Go for it! Try it out. What have you got to lose

Reason #5: This is a more serious matter that I have experiencedmyself in one of the jobs I have worked in. There always seems to be that one colleague who feels superior than you. I am talking about the bully who cannot leave another colleague do their work. If you experience bullying you cannot hide away and let it happen. Mind you, that you are not the weakest link in the department, the bully is the one who needs to change her behaviour. A bully picks up on low-confidence behaviour. They feel that a colleague who makes mistakes on the job are too weak and that is why they bully you.  

In my case, I have written down every incident I had with mycolleague. When I had about two weeks of evidence written down with date, dayand what happened, I took to my manager and let him read the report I had written. He was not at all amused about the way I got treated and called the bully colleague into the office. My colleague was told to stop the bullying and accept my as a colleague as the person I am.  

Maybe this may help you to have the courage to speak up whenit is necessary.  

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