5 ways to a positive mind

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Staying positive is always a challenge. Especially at the moment, we are going through rather tough times. Covid-19 has changed all our lives. You may have become pessimistic and discouraged about your future. You may not know exactly what's round the corner for you.

We are all going through a difficult change in the world that no one could ever imagined. That is why it is really important to keep up the good spirits and see everything with a little positivity.

Here are my ideas for you:

1. Try positive self-talk

Repeat affirmations or mantras out loud help nurture self-belief. Write down five key affirmations and repeat them first thing in the morning. They could be: 'I am in control of my future,' or 'I am limitless and anything is possible,' 'Good things always come my way', 'A beautiful day begins with a beautiful mind'.

2. Reinvent your destiny

Whether you want to move abroad or change your career now or in 2022, having the life you want boils down to visualizing it in your mind. Writing down your ideal life and creating a vision board helps to manifest your dreams. Because when you want something bad enough, you'll have that light bulb moment, finding the inner strength to realize your dreams.

3. Find constructive solutions

The one thing you can control in your life is how you respond. How you choose to think about things determines how well you weather any storms that come your way.

4. Never stop learning

There is one thing I have adopted after my second redundancy - studying and learning new skills whenever I had the chance. This didn't give me only satisfaction and the certainty to evolve as a person. It also helped me to keep myself in the game for future jobs.

Be open-minded and be on a quest to learn whatever and whenever you can. It helps you to stay positive about your future.

5. Meet up with like minded people

I know that this can be a difficult task at times. I often meet positive thinking people while i am going shopping, have a coffee in a cafe or even while waiting at the bus stop or train line. Positive people often pop up out of nowhere to brighten up your day.

Make a list of your friends and family members that are positive thinkers. What positive do they bring into the relationship with you?

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