5 secrets to a happier career path

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When I started going to work, I was in my early twenties. I had worked as an intern with our local council at the age of seventeen. Although I enjoyed being in a work environment, I did not connect with the office work at all. 

I worked in a department store as a cashier on Saturdays. I enjoyed working with the general public, chit chatting and giving them advice on products we sold in our department. 

But I still was not sure what kind of work I wanted to go for. Although I had a clear career goal in mind, I didn't seem to achieve it. My dream was to work in a travel agency or with an airline. 

I received many rejections and even after being invited for the job interview, I failed. 

I knew what direction I wanted to take and I didn't give up until I had succeeded. 

If you are in the same boat as I was, I am going to reveal 5 secrets  how to move forward and succeed.

Secret #1: You do need to have an idea what you want to achieve in your life. Know the direction you want to take. In my case, it was the travel industry. You may want to work in the insurance industry. Begin to write a list of the different sectors within the industry you want to work in. Search vacancies within that industry. Keep up to date with what is reqired for you to get the job you want.

Secret #2: Create stepping stones to build your portfolio

This means, find out exactly what is needed to improve your chances to land that dream job. I left my country to work in the travel industry in London. I studied travel and tourism to improve my chances. I also brushed up my English and Spanish knowledge. I was lucky to get a job in the airline industry after I completed my studies. 

Secret #3: Evaluate your strengths and values

Take a look at all your strengths. For example, yoy may be a good listener, a teamplayer, love public speaking and holding presentations. You may be honest, live your life with integrity and have high morals. When you do your research on the companies you are interested in working for, search for their mission statement on their website. In this mission statement the company summarizes their goals and what they stand for. If your values and strengths coincide with theirs, you may be a good fit for the company. This also means that you may become happy working for them for many years to come. 

Secret #4: Your passions, talents and gifts

I cannot stress out clearly enough, that you can combine your passions in a career. You can be employed in full time or part time. You may have a passion for the environment. More than ever, environmental career paths' pop up out of nowhere. We are going through the 'rebirthing' of our beautiful planet. Helping humanity with conversation is a big and exciting goal to have. Take some time to find out where your passions lay and take action on it. 

Your passions are the things you love to do. Those are the activities that help you to forget the world around you. You won't even hear the telefone ring. It are so immersed into what you are doing so that you are totally focused on it. 

Your gifts are your qualities. What do you have to offer to the world? These are qualities like being enthusiastic, humourous, spontaneous, quick-thinking and energetic.

When you think about your talents, think about what comes naturally to you. It is something you excel at or do effortlessly.

Secret #5: Stick with the BIG question

Where is your work and life taking you right now? The chance is that you are not in alignment with the career you aspire. Your work/life balance might be out of sequence. You may be sleeping too well. Ruminating and overthinking are two factors that keep us women awake at night. Take some time out and re-evaluate your current life situation. What are the 3 main areas that need your intention? For example, this could be your current work situation, your finances and your relationship is not going into the right direction. Clear up your imbalances first. Then, move forward with your passions and find that career you will be happy in. 

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