3 top tips to remember when setting intentions

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Intentions is not something you attach to an expectation orevaluation. By setting intentions you are encouraged to let go of control,flourish during times of adversity, grow spiritual, clear your cluttered mind,and allow any miracles to happen in your life.  

Setting intentions isa conscious process you commit yourself to for one day or one week. Everyweekend or any other weekday, you take some time to write down what you want tofocus on. 

· Do you want to focus on forgiving those peoplewho have hurt you in the past?  

· Is your intention to try out being vegan for theweek? 

· Is your intention to go for a daily walk? 

· Do you want to start meditating for five minutesdaily? 

· Do you want to set boundaries for the week?    

What intentions are you going to set this week?    

There are many benefits for setting intentions 

· It will organize your thoughts. It will sort outthe bad thoughts from the good thoughts.  

· It will help you learn to focus on just one ortwo tasks per week. This means it can help you change your bad habits. 

· In general, setting intentions will calm yourmind, body, and soul in a miraculous way.  

And here is what you need to do to set intentions. 

Take my worksheets and find a quiet place. For maximumcomfort and getting in the mood of setting intentions, burn a candle, playmeditation music, or burn some incense. 

Then brainstorm all the intentions you want to set in thenext year. Narrow down your intentions by priority and then begin to take action. 

At the end of each week, reflect on what you have accomplished. 

And here are my 3 top tips to set focused intentions for the week.

Tip #1: Decide on the intention you want to set. I suggest you focus always only on 1 intention so that you don't feel overwhelmed.

Tip #2: Write it into your journal and read it out once or twice a day if you feel that you are slipping.

Tip #3: When you get up in the morning, ground yourself and focus in your mind on the intention you have set. 

I hope you find this article helpful. 


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