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3 signs you are close in finding your life purpose

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While I was still employed I started looking for me life purpose. I became more and more restless and unhappy with the job I was in. I suffered from having sleepless nights, and felt as if something is missing in my life. Something more meaningful than my work at the office. When you can answer the following question with 5 or higher than you are very close in finding out what your soul's mission is. On a scale from 0 to 10, how motivated are you to live your life purpose?

This article gives you some clues on how close you may be in finding what you are here for.

1. You have a deep conversation with a friend or colleague about life. One day, one of my older colleagues told me that she is fed up with the work she is doing. It meant that she had to get up while it was still dark outside. It was cold and damp in winter and too hot in summer. We worked many hours overtime. The stress at work never stopped. She looked stressed and fed up. Her health suffered from the stress at work and stress at home. She was married and had one son. My colleague suffered from headaches, sinus issues and backaches. I listen to her rather sad words and imagined my life working at the airport when I am in my fifties. The answer to that question was NO, I DON'T. I started looking for what I am here for tirelessly.

When you have come to a turning point in your life that makes you think about your own life then you are on your way to become really curious about the big WHY.

2. When you begin to investigate what work you could do that matches up with your personality than you are very close to hitting target. Some of us are introverts, extroverts, thinkers, feelers, intuitives or sensers. We are never only one or the other. We are usually a mix of four personality types. Try out the Myers Briggs test in order to find out what personality type you are. With the result of this test you will be able to identify the ideal job for you or maybe set up your own business.

3. You have come to an absolute breaking point when you wake up one morning and tell yourself that you cannot live the life you lead anymore. This is the point when you are normally absolutely de-motivated and in many cases the employee is demoralized by the manager. Everything happens for a reason, I always say. At the time you are not sure why bad situations are happening to you. The answer will be given in the near future or further down the line. The importance is that you take action immediately. What the action would be is up to you. The general idea is to evaluate the situation. What can be learned from the situation. How can I move on from here. Do not give up on your goal to find out why you are here, just adjust the direction in reaching your goal.

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