Q's & A's

What is Angelic Reiki and how does it work?

Angelic Reiki is a hand- on energy healing modality. It is safe, high vibrational, multidimensional healing system that can heal from across all of your life times, dimensions and incarnations. This means that your emotional-, physical-, or mental issues may not originate from this life time, but have its roots in another life you may have lived.

Angelic Reiki is beneficial as a complementary treatment alongside any traditional medical treatment prescribed by a health professional. It cannot be replaced with traditional medical treatments.

Angelic Reiki has its origins in Yorkshire, England. Archangel Metatron channelled the knowledge about Angelic Reiki to a man called Kevin Core between the months October 2002 and February 2003. Kevin Core subsequently started teaching Angelic Reiki all over the world.

Who is it for?
Angelic Reiki is for everybody who would like to heal on a spiritual level, connect with the angels by experiencing their healing energies.
So far, I have had customers who are employed in office jobs that are very stressed, suffer from insomnia and various other ailments. I have been dealing with ladies who suffer from depression. Angelic Reiki gives relief in just 1-2 sessions.
Angelic Reiki is also ideal for healing heartbreak. It soothes your heart and soul. The crying stops after the 1st or 2nd session. It depends how quickly you respond to the healing.

What happens in an Angelic Reiki session?

The healing session begins with filling out your client form and a chat. I would like to know what would you like to have healed? What are your concerns and what you expect from the healing session? At this point I would ask you whether you are comfortable having my hands held over your body. If you prefer not to be touched in any way, please let me know at the time.

Then I would ask you to lay down on the therapy couch and get comfortable. I usually play Angelic Reiki healing music in the background and burn an essential oil.

I then ask you to close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and relax. I place my hands over your shoulder and connect with the relevant angels and once the healing energy is sent through my arms and hands into your body the healing begins.

The session can take between 20-30 minutes, depending on what areas are going to be healed. During this time, I am guided to hold my hands wherever the healing is needed.

I also might receive messages from the angels to pass on to you. On the other hand, you might receive messages from the angels yourself.

What are the benefits?

The benefits of Angelic Reiki sessions are that you will feel happier, have more energy, feel positive about life again and are motivated to take life into their own hands again. You will notice a big shift in energy as the angels move the blocked energy in your body. You will notice the effects of moving the energy in your body by a gurgling sound in your stomach or elsewhere in your body.

What ailments can be healed?

Angelic Reiki helps you heal depression, trauma and abuse from this life and past lives. It helps you to work through your financial issues, weight problems and can help you get your life back on track.

Any emotional-, and mental issues can be healed with Angelic Reiki as the angels unblock stuck emotions in your body.

Angelic Reiki is perfect for helping dying patients to cross over in confidence. It helps loved ones to process their grief having lost a partner or parent.

It also ideal for pregnant ladies who are pregnant 5 months or over. It helps to disburse any anxiety, worries and helps healing in general.

How many sessions are needed to see results?

Sometimes only 1-3 sessions are needed to resolve an issue. However, it depends on each individual client how many sessions are beneficial for healing. This matter is discussed at the end of the first session. I usually recommend at least one follow-up session.

A follow-up session or a set of sessions is recommended to take place every 7-10 days, but this will also be discussed with me at the end of the first session.

Can Angelic Reiki heal past lives?

Yes, it can. The angels can help heal any trauma, abuse, as well as weight issues and money problems that originate from past lives.

What can I do to prepare myself for the healing session?

There is no specific preparation needed. However, it is advised that you do not drink excessive amounts of alcohol one to two days before coming to the healing session. Drugs and fatty foods are not recommended to eat. Try to calm your mind the evening before the healing session by meditating.

Do I have to believe in angels to receive healing?

I do not need to believe in angels to receive their healing energy. But it would be beneficial to believe in healing. One of the best ways to find out whether Angelic Reiki is beneficial for you, is, simply to try it out in just one session.

Is Angelic Reiki done in person or via Skype/facetime?

Angelic Reiki works the same in person and distance healings via Skype or facetime. The Angelic healing energy is everywhere on our planet and the universe. This means it is as strong in personal healing as well as in over the internet healings.

The benefits in distance healings is that you stay in the comfort of your own home. You need to find a quiet place in your home where no family member can disturb you.

It takes the stress away from commuting to the therapy centre, looking for directions and looking for parking space etc...

Distance healing is also more cost effective than in person healings.

How does distance healing work?

In over the internet healings the customer chooses to get comfortable either on their bed or sofa. You lay down wherever you are most comfortable. Once I have connected with the angelic realm, the angels send their healing energy through my arms and hands into your body. The healing energy can travel hundreds of miles to you. The results are the same. You feel happier, have more energy and are motivated to do things.

What can you expect from me as your practitioner?

I am a fully qualified Angelic Reiki Practitioner and Master Teacher for over a year. I have been healing my clients in face to face healings in London, Guildford and Reigate. During the covid-19 pandemic I have continued healing sessions via facetime on a regular basis.

In between sessions I continue to heal myself from any negative emotions and ailments. This helps me to continuously improve and keep my connection to the angelic realm flowing.

As your practitioner, I am 100% committed to giving you the best healing experience possible. My values for my business and life are to be confidential, honest, and fulfilling my work with integrity. I will never divulge any information with a third party, unless I have your permission.

I was called by the Angelic Realm to work as an Angelic Reiki practitioner and teacher. I followed this call and have found out that this is my life purpose. I love my job and I wish that you benefit from my passion and calling 100%.