First Consultation

You have decided today to begin to change your life by finding your life purpose.

This is a very wise decision. There is no better life to live at this time in your life.

Your soul has given you a nudge that the time has come to do what your mission is in life, the reason for your existence.

I can assure you that you have not been put on this planet by the off-chance. You have come into this life to fulfill a specific purpose which your soul has chosen before you entered this life.

Maybe you felt a little push by an angel or you had a life changing experience that helped you to make that ultimate decision to begin exploring what you are here for.

This option is only one phone call or email away.

I have explored and found my life purpose and now from my own experience that finding and living your life purpose is a journey. It can be a short or long journey, depending on where you are in your life currently.

Initial consultation call costs £ 25.00

This fee is payable before the commencement of the consultation. This can be paid by bank transfer or paypal.