Face to Face

Angelic Reiki healing is an energy healing system guided by the angelic kingdom.

Angelic Reiki healing can take place seated in a chair or on a therapy bed. The choice is yours. You will be fully clothed during the session.

The first part of the session is to have a chat with you, to make you feel comfortable and to establish why you have booked a healing session.

The second part of the session is hands on healing. Your are fully clothed during the sessions. This can take up to 20 minutes, depending on how much healing needs to be done.

This is followed up with a chat on how you have experienced the session, any thoughts you may have and how you are feeling now.

What issues can Angelic Reiki heal?

Emotional-, mental-, physical issues.
Stress related issues, e.g. work stress

Most healings require only one or two sessions of Angelic Reiki.

However, deep seated conditions such as cancer, MS, depression will take a few consultations. I would recommend to book 3 sessions in order see what progress is made.

With all issues, I would ask you to consult your doctor first. Please be aware that a healing session does not replace the conventional treatment through a General doctor or specialist.

The benefits of experiencing Angelic Reiki healing:
1) you feel the unconditional love of the angels,
2) you will feel happier and lighter,
3) your life balance is restored,
4) connecting with the angels makes you feel being at peace with yourself

Fee for a one hour session: £ 70.00 payable before the first sessions begins. Can be paid via bank transfer or PayPal.

Face to face sessions are held in London, Islington, 2a Prebend Street, N1 8PT

Opening hours:

Monday to Friday 8am - 8pm
Saturday 10am - 6pm
Sunday 10am - 4pm

I accept bookings for each 2nd Saturday of the month at the Islington therapy centre.

54 Quarry Street, Guildford, GU1 3UA

Opening hours
Monday to Friday 8am - 10pm
Saturday 9am - 6pm
Sunday 10am - 4pm

I accept bookings for each 4th Saturday of the month at the Guildford therapy centre.

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