• Angelic Reiki Healing sessions

    "Angelic Reiki - The Healing of our time." - Archangel Metatron

    What is Angelic Reiki Healing?

    Angelic Reiki is a gentle hands-on healing technique that compliments traditional medical treatments.

    Archangel Metatron, channeled the knowledge about Angelic Reiki through a man who lived in Yorkshire, England called Kevin Core.

    This has happened over a period of a few months between October 2002 and February 2003.

    The information that was channeled to Kevin Core changed his life since he was chosen to spread the word about Angelic Reiki and its potential healing.

    Kevin Core developed and started to reach Angelic Reiki all over the world along with his partner Christine de Heera.

    In 2005, both Kevin and Christine moved to Egypt and settled in Luxor in a home that overlooked the Valley of the Kings.

    They married in February 2006 in Yorkshire. At that time, they made a promise to dedicate the rest of their lives to teaching the principles of Angelic Reiki.

    What happens in a session?

    The session begins with a chat between the practitioner and the client. The issues that were discussed in the initial consultation are being reviewed and amended if necessary.

    The client can chose to lay on the therapy couch or remain seated in a chair. The healing energy will be the same.

    The practitioner will lay her hands on your shoulders (you can choose not be touched), helps you to relax. The healing begins when the angelic healing energy flows through the practitioner's arm and hands into the clients body. The healing has a duration between 20 - 30 minutes.

    This is followed up with a chat about the experience the client and the practitioner has had. Sometimes the angels have a message for the client which the practitioner will relay back to the client.

    The session has a duration of one hour.

    Online healing sessions

    I conduct angelic healing session worldwide online - preferrable on messenger facetime. But I am happy to use Zoom or Skype.

    The healing energy is the same everywhere in the world as it does not know any boundaries.


    Online healing sessions do not require you to leave your home - the healing occurs in the comfort of your own home.


    Book you consultation today on hello@monika-kloeckner.com or 07480 267 906


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