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    Certified Life Purpose coach, certified Angelic Reiki Master Teacher, published author

    Monika has always been passionate about living the life she always dreamed of. In her coching sessions, Monika inspires women to want to live their best lives ever.


    In 2009, Monika's spiritual awakening began. She started doing her own personal oracle card readings. Just for fun!

    In May 2010, she visited the Mind Body Spirit Festival in London and connected with Theta Healing. This is a healing technique known for its belief change and feelings work. She subsequently trained as an advanced theta healing practitioner.

    In 2019, Monika trained as an Angelic Reiki Master Teacher and has added healing to her business.

    Monika published her second book "The rebellious Singleton" in May 2020.


    With her unique coaching style, Monika is on a mission to help you find your happiest life.



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