About Me

About Me

Dear Angel lover

I am spiritual, intuitive and achiever of my dreams.

My spiritual journey started in 2009. I have been working with the angelic kingdom of light on a personal level ever since.

I learned how to read my own oracle cards and became more and more fascinated by the subject. Life got in the way and I focused on going to work, dealing with stress and financial issues. All of the obstacles in my life have prevented me from raising my vibration sooner. In summer 2017, the break through happened while I was at work. My soul literally messaged to me that I would need to leave my day job to make my business work. Soon after I left my job, angels would guide me through their messages to find my life purpose.
In May 2019, I found me life purpose: helping women to find their life purpose through angelic guidance and spiritual development.

with love and light,