• About Me


    my name is Monika Kloeckner, Life Purpose Coach with a Passion, author and speaker.

    I am a single child, a rebel and achiever of my dreams.


    I left my native country of Germany 23 years ago to create a new life in London, UK.


    I have worked for a prestigious North American airline for 11 years. Needless to say, I love travelling, getting to know other cultures and traditions.


    Other past times are going to the theatre, musicals, opera, making new friends and reading.

    While I was setting my coaching business, I noticed that I feel right "at home" in coffee shops. I can wonderfully focus on my work. Not to forget the numerous cortados and cappuccinos I have already consumed which I love. I am truly a coffeeholic.


    I am an animal lover. I am a proud cat mum of two cats.

    I am a people person. People I have never met before connect with me on an intuitive level. I am told that I am approachable, friendly and attentive.


    I live my life in line with my values and morals. Some of my values are honesty, integrity, authenticity, and passion.


    I think that I should leave the rest for you to find out when we finally meet at one of my talks and workshops.


    See you around,



    Monika Kloeckner

    Life Purpose Coach with a Passion, Author, Speaker



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