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  • Your life

    Your soul, your inner child and your Higher Self always have known your life purpose. Learn to connect and discover how you can find meaning in your life.

    Is your life a mess?

    Do you feel as if your job is killing your soul?

    Do you feel lost?

    Can't move past the fear of change?

    Are you dealing with obstacles?

    Have you come to a turning point in your life?

    Are you looking for meaning in your life?

    Are you unhappy?

  • About Me

    I work with ladies, aged 35 - 55 who...


    • fear the change from work life to living a meaningful life, 
    • go through the mess of their lives,
    • want to find a meaningful life,
    • have little confidence to take the first step towards change.


    If this is YOU and you cannot stand to live the life you currently in any longer than I would love to hear from you!


    I show you how to change your beliefs,

    how to regain happiness, joy and inner calm,

    how to balance your emotions and

    how to have a winning mindset...

    so that you can find and live

    your soul's mission in this life time.


    Monika Kloeckner is a Life Purpose Coach with a Passion and author. Monika is an intuitive and connects with angels and the Divine daily.


    She has helped women to change their minds on being addicted to food with her unique technique and coaching style.

    But her real passion awakened when she studied a life purpose course in February 2017 to April 2017. She connected with the subject and noticed that she had arrived at her life purpose destination: inspiring and empowering women to find and live their life purpose.

    Monika lives in the South East of England with her two cats, Lilo and Penny. She is an avid reader and loves good dining and theatre/opera visits.

    Monika's book Food Addiction No More - 21 days to change your mind on overeating for good can be purchased on Amazon.co.uk and Balboapress.com


    Since March 2018 Monika is a Trusted Coach on the Success4global website.




  • Coaching

    Begin to change your life today!

    Finding and living your Passion

    Do you feel that your time has come to find and live your mission in life?

    Are you stressed and had enough of the rat race?

    Do you suffer from food addiction, overthinking and over drinking?


    The answer may be "Yes, I would love to find and live my passion, but I am not sure how to move forward with my plans. I cannot afford to give up my job because I have a mortgage to pay. That is why I won't be able to do what I am passionate about."


    I was exactly in your shoes until a few months ago. I came to a point when I knew that I had to leave my job and make it work. And guess what... my courage and my self-belief in myself has moved me forward in my quest to live my passion in helping you to find and live yours. It is exciting and rewarding to realize that taking the risk can work out very well.


    I do not expect you to do exactly the same. I rather suggest that you take one step at a time. That is what I am here for.


    I am here to mentor you with every step you want to take to live that passion you are looking for or maybe already know. I am here to give you the courage to take baby steps towards changing your life and wake up every morning doing what you love doing most.


    I offer 3 weeks, 6 months and 1 year mentoring programs.


    Bronze program will help you to get inspired to find your life purpose.

    Investment for 3 hours mentoring is £ 95.00. The fee has to be paid in full before commencement of the first session.

    3 hours are to be taken over 3-4 weeks.


    Silver program will help you to re-organize your work/life balance, find your passion, talents and gifts, get to grips with time management, boosting your confidence, explore your values, exploring those energy zappers and action plans.

    Investment for 6 months mentoring is £ 995.00. A deposit of £ 395.00 has to be paid before commencement of first session. The remainder is payable within 3 weeks of commencement of mentoring.


    Gold program will help you to find your life purpose, sort out your entire current life including finances, relationship issues that may hinder you to live your purpose. Included are also work/life balance, time management, confidence, passions, talents, gifts and values, self-beliefs. This is a taylor- made mentoring program which will be created by me after the initial call.

    Investment for 1 year (12-15 sessions) is £ 1700.00. A deposit of £ 575.00 is payable before the first session begins.

    This mentoring program offers you the following:

    • ongoing support by phone, Skype or email,
    • Motivation calls when you feel that you have hit a barrier and feel that you cannot continue to work on your new life. 
    You can take up mentoring with me from anywhere in the world. I offer Skype, Zoom and phone mentoring.
    Please check the current conversion rate before contacting me: https://www.xe.com


  • Praise

    "The standard of service is excellent, very easy to talk too much that I felt like we had known each other for years even though we had only met for a couple of minutes at a well-being show.

    Monika was significant in me achieving my goals in life. I could not have got as far as I have without her.

    No improvement in service required, shall missing our chats.

    I would definitely recommend to others."

    Penny B., Kent, UK


    "I met Monika at The Best You Expo 2018 and we instantly clicked. I knew that she had some kind of spiritual power and because of her I'm now pursuing my life purpose without any fears and limitations. She helped me to speak to the Creator to give me answers at the lowest point in my life. I feel so blessed to meet a kindred spirit like her. If you're struggling in any area in your life, I highly recommend her for coaching and theta for your life purpose. Sending you love and light and blessings your way."

    Nishita Bhojwani, Flower Reader and life coach


    "My first meeting with Monika included a Theta Healing and life purpose session Monika took time to learn a little about me and what was happening in my life before recommending an approach that would be helpful to my specific needs. I've never experienced Theta Healing and did not know what to expect but after a few minutes passed, I felt relaxed and a sense of calm. There was a bit of an energetic shift. Monika then asked questions that began the process to help guide me through my current life transition and to help me find meaning and fulfillment in my life. I look forward to my next session."

    Kate H., Pennsylvania, USA


    I had a theta healing session with Monika over Skype. I wasn't sure what to expect as I had never heard of Theta Healing before. Even though we worked over Skype I felt immediately comfortable with Monika and found it easy to talk to her and open up about the blocks I had come to her with. It was very different, but I decided to come with an open mind and really enjoyed the session. I felt amazing and light afterwards and feel that something has shifted. Thank you Monika for introducing me to Theta Healing.

    Kristine Moller, www.kristinemollercoaching.com




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