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    Hello! Welcome and thank you for visiting my website.

    I work with ladies, ages 30 - 55 years of age, who...

    •  are single, married, divorced, or widowed, 
    •  feel stuck in their job, relationship or life in general, 
    • are trying to figure out what they are here for, 
    • want to add value to their life and the life of others, 
    • want to leave a legacy,
    • want to grow spiritually, 
    • want to set up their own business, 
    • are eager, motivated and ready to change their lives for good. 
    If this description resonates with you, then you might be the right lady to work with.
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    Life Purpose Coaching includes:

    • Career coaching, 
    • work/life balance, 
    • starting your own business, e.g. as a therapist or life coach, 
    • de-clutter your life,
    • Confidence coaching, 
    • learning to be authentic. 

    What are the benefits of finding your life Purpose?

    • You wake up every morning, 365 days a year energized and motivated, 
    • you have no stress. If stress happens you can deal with it with grace and ease, 
    • it makes you more resilient,
    • you can choose your own holidays, 
    • you work in a job you love, 
    • you work for a company whose values are aligned with yours, 
    • you can live your life on your terms, 
    • you are confident and have tons of self-belief,
    • you live your best life ever! 
    You know what you are here for and that is why you always are happy. You are glowing and full of energy.


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